Proxima B and Starshot Already an Android Game!

After the recent discovery of Earth-like planet Proxima B, the scientific news became social media’s hot topic, and now it launches on Google Play as one of store’s newest ’80s-inspired casual games. “At Proxima B – 80s Retro Game” is available for free on Google Play now!


“I am quite captivated by the fact that there is a planet which may be like ours orbiting the stars closest to us, and there’s this project that could reach it in 20 years. I thought it would fit in nicely with the universe of my games. This game takes place 25 years before the events of Monument Rush 2.” said Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero, developer of Monument Rush 2 and At Proxima B – 80s Retro Game.


In celebration of the newfound planet! This 80s-themed Illuminati arcade game has simple controls but require mad dodging skills. This endless casual game is both endlessly addicting fun and “throw away your phone” frustrating! Taking place 25 years before the events of Monument Rush 2, humanity sends its first neon nano light sail craft to the Alpha Centauri system. An unknown Illuminati force drags the neon nano sail craft to one of the endless towns of Proxima B, which is inhabited by intelligent bioluminescent neon reptilian life forms and Illuminati shamans that thrive under their dwarf star’s harsh UV neon radiation. There is life in Proxima B after all, and they are very hostile.


For Android: Requires 2.3.3 and up

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Darius Guerrero releases 2D Game Art Assets in the Public Domain

Saturday 30 th July 2016 – In celebration of Monument Rush 2, one of the most exciting games ever seen in a mobile device, unused assets from the game are now available for free under the public domain Creative Commons Zero license. Students, hobbyist, professional game developers, and everyone else can use these assets for personal and commercial use. cc0

The unmissable royalty free game art assets are available at Open Game Art site ( Get them now!

Multitasking is Actually Great. Here’s Why

I believe people’s lives should not revolve around one’s job. More often one won’t hear this piece of advice from company managers – most would want their staff to devote their lives to the goals of their organization. However, when one think about it enough it makes a lot of sense. People aren’t robots.

I devote five days of my week to government seminars and other training activities for government staff, civil society organizations, and even the masses. It’s a high pressured job that takes a lot of time and energy. I still pull through and for every seminar I conduct, I strive to be better than the last one done. The reason I maintain my momentum is because I work on not getting  too attached to that one job.

Attachment leads to worry. Worry leads to fear. Fear leads to resentment and stress. Stress leads to not-so-effective results.

Lately, I’ve been spending my weekends and off-time working on software development and media projects. I’ve been reading up on law and business to better equip me for the future. Though these things may seem like work to some, I on the other hand, love them. They’re the things I look forward to in the middle of the hundred things I do for my official career. It motivates me to finish all my government-related tasks faster than anyone could anticipate. Having multiple projects allow me the flexibility to shift from one tasks to the next with little adjustment time, and without getting sick and tired of doing only one thing.

If Jollibee had focused on selling ice cream alone, it would not be the mammoth business that it is today. If Wal-mart had not open multiple branches early, it would not have become a global brand. The greatest CEO’s of our time have started multiple companies in diverse industries. The greatest inventors did not invent only one thing. Leonardo da vinci (painter and inventor), Steve Jobs (former CEO of Apple and Pixar), Nikola Tesla (physicist, engineer, and futurist) and many other greats live their life doing multiple things and succeeding in a lot of them. You’re supposed focus might be the obstacle that’s stopping you from achieving your true potential.

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ― Dolly Parton

Don’t feel guilty thinking of doing some side projects while you have your regular job. You can work on multiple projects without compromising your main. When you’re done with one, use your momentum to finish another project. The fulfillment and happiness you get from finishing one task can transfer unto the next. When you get bored doing one task, just start working on the other one. Most likely, you’ll finish more than the people who focus on only one thing. Besides, working on multiple endeavors might result in multiple achievements. These achievements can motivate you to do even greater things.

Now close this tab and open another one. Go out there and pursue your crazy dreams.



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Download my latest creation, Monuemt Rush 2

It’s free and with a size of about 12 MB on Android and 17 MB on iOS, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots of fun to gain in this simple one tap action-packed game.

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Mr. Guerrero Interviewed by

AppSir’s Founder, Darius Guerrero sat down to talk about his personal reasons for entering the game development world and the impending July 14, 2016 release of Monument Rush 1’s super update.

“As more people discover the Monument Rush games, more work has to be done to maintain momentum and keep the game fresh. I plan on releasing huge updates for the two Monument Rush games, and I hope these updates make my girl, and all Monument Rush players, smile some more.”

Learn more in the full interview from PewPewCat.

New Game “Monument Rush 2” Wants To Be Spiritual Successor to Canabalt, Announces Contest

You do a 720 front flip through a window, trusting your reflexes and concentration to survive your jump and an Illuminati drone chasing you from behind. You then run at terminal velocity to make another jump, only to end up colliding with a Sky Train.

Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero, developer of Monument Rush 2: Rigged Run says, “I grew up without internet. When I got the chance to connect online, the very first game I played was Canabalt and I was blown away. There were no fight scenes, but I thought it was the most action-packed game ever. I wanted to make something like that. Me and my future wife worked on making my dream game a reality.”

Monument Rush 2: Rigged Run has done it’s best to be a spiritual successor to the classic Canabalt, wherein you run and leap over buildings under siege by a mysterious force. In both games, you only need one finger to play. Back in 2009, Canabalt sparked a new game genre. Since then, hundreds have tried to imitate the exact same gameplay. “The difference is, you can tap again while in the air to jump higher. This allows you to reach higher platforms. How far can you trust your jump before making a last minute double jump to avoid ending up squishy goo of broken bone? Should you calculate your jumps precisely or just throw caution to the wind?”

Monument Rush 2 was released quietly a few days ago. Mr. Guerrero didn’t have the means to test the game on a wide scale, and publishing the game on the App Store and Google Play would provide the ultimate test. “If it had bugs, I would have taken it down immediately. Fortunately, everything worked out well and the new game received a lot of positive feedback. With the controls so easy, I believe everyone would be able to enjoy this. I plan on making another game soon, and whoever has the highest score for both leaderboards by 21st of August, 2016, 5:00 PM PST gets to be a playable character in the next one.”

As you do another 720 flip and encounter obstacles in the form of reptilian dinosaurs, Illuminati robots, black knight satellites, exploding trains, and crumbling cities, you realize Monument Rush 2 doesn’t need to claim itself as a spiritual successor to any game.

Monument Rush 2: Rigged Run is available for free from the App Store and Google Play. For more information, please visit

For iOS: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
For Android: Requires 2.3.3 and up

-Source: AppSir



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twitter and IG: @dariusguerrero


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To the Next President of the Philippines

An open letter to the next president of the Philippines and my country:

Whether or not i voted for you, as a citizen of the republic of philippines, you have my respect and loyalty. All I ask is you focus on our country and not on retribution against your political rivals. Please lead us.

To my fellow countrymen, please remember that no organization, no matter the size, will ever succeed in their endeavors without the support of every person involved. We are all equally to blame for the state our country is in. We complain, more than we do; we reject the actions of our leaders because we think we know better; we prioritize our own agendas and expect our government to fix all of our country’s problems. Let us not antagonize them and wish for them to make mistakes. It takes two to tango, when one fails so will the other. Let us do our part, follow the laws of our country and allow ourselves to be led.

Mabuhay Philippines!

– Martin Josef Abella Yabut

The Art of Charisma (Opinion)

During my lectures on public speaking, leadership, and networking, I get a lot of questions about charisma. However, time allotted for my speaking engagements is insufficient to duly expound on the matter. This article will serve as to supplement the topics I discuss. Keep in mind that this article is merely based on my own musings.


noun \kə-ˈriz-mə\

: a special charm or appeal that causes people to feel attracted and excited by someone

Charisma is the magnetic, almost other-worldly presence divinely conferred on a special few. It is the power to captivate and to appeal to the emotions of an audience; to make them feel what you’d want them to feel. It is the aura in some people that reaches out, grabs you, and holds on to your attention at their whim. It is the air about some people that separates them from civilians and make them the upper echelon on our societal hierarchy.

The movie world boasts charismatic characters portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Matthew McCounaughey, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney, Samuel Jackson, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, and Robert De Niro.  The minute gestures and presence by these actors give a nice flavor to the characters they portray. Politics have Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, and Ronald Reagan that drew in supporters and followers that hang unto every word they say.

In the wrestling universe we have sports entertainers that exude this intangible quality. We have The Rock as the action hero that delivers the best mic work in the industry. His words in context may not always be coherent as it’s almost always just catchphrases, but the way he delivers his lines with authority, cadence, posture, and perfectly timed gestures (a raise of his eyebrow can elicit a great crowd reaction) that makes his promos must-see TV. We also have the larger-than-life Hulk Hogan who despite basically just shilling the WWE Network these days still talks in the most entertaining manner possible. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s alpha-male quality and fearless delivery makes you want to listen, and if he didn’t have charisma he would have only sounded like a drunken red neck. CM Punk, John Cena, AJ Lee, Vince Mcmahon, Paul Heyman, and Shawn Michaels also get props for being able to tell compelling stories whenever they deliver promos. These main-eventers have consistent charisma, and guys like Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and The Miz only are able to show some of it occasionally, which is why they get stuck in the midcard.

We also get a lot of examples on character-driven shows. We have Rick Grimes, a character that truly personifies leadership. Harvey Specter is also a great example as his constant showing of intelligence make the audience feels lawyerish just by listening to his one-liners, and Donna Paulsen’s witty quips about Harvey always delivers a good laugh. A suave and mysterious Don Draper is as charismatic as his polar opposite Barney Stinson who utilizes his charm and routines to win the hearts of women, although he comes off a bit immature. Stephen Colbert is a great character too – despite basing his character on a supposedly boring pundit he has the audience at the palm of his hands. A young Amanda Bynes was probably the best woman in kid’s television at the time, certainly a lot more likeable at the time than Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. Lauren Laverne, touted as the one of the best TV presenters ever, seemingly does her work effortlessly.

As you may have noticed, a lot of wildly different people have been thought of possessing the powers of charisma. Therefore it can be assumed that charisma is not exclusive with some personality types alone, but can be channeled by anyone.

Charisma is like style. You know it when you see it.

For most charismatic types, they were believed to have been born with it. The belief is that this elusive and seductive quality is wired in their DNA and has always been a part of their very being. They did not need much practice to invoke the powers of charisma, nor have they ever been consciously aware of it.

Some people seem to have learned it and developed it over time. Princess Diana used to be so introverted and demure that she was coined the nickname “Shy Di” at first. After a trip to America she was able to repackage her personality and come back as “Confident Di.” She became the light bulb of any room she entered. She just didn’t know how to turn the switch on at first. A lot of people undergo personality development courses for the very same reason: they want to turn their “charisma switch” on.

I used to be as diffident as they come. I was, in all respects, a wallflower. I was the uber-skinny kid with huge glasses, a squeaky voice and bad posture. I was an outcast that didn’t want any attention on me because I feared that people would notice my shortcomings. My low self-esteem would always get in the way of my attempts at socializing with people. I looked like a nerd but had average grades because I didn’t have the right tools at the time.

Fortunately, while studying for a BA Psychology degree I was able to comprehend my misfortunes. Turns out subjective and hard to pinpoint attributes can be measured empirically after all. I utilized the concepts I learned in college to integrate every facet of charisma into personality. I’ve found intangible qualities in successful people and distilled it into a scientific formula that I still use and share to this day through training activities and articles like this.

With the new knowledge and insight I had, I was able to dig down deep and transform into a new man. Sporting a new outlook and a dangerous desire to succeed, I was able to graduate top of my class.

Becoming a Training Specialist, I was able to speak with intensity, conviction, and passion. Eventually, I was invited to conduct capability building activities ranging from consultation workshops, personality development courses, to team building affairs for multiple government agencies, private corporations, and organizations for a respectable per hour rate. So far, over 2000 individuals in total have participated in activities I have personally overseen; something I would not have been able to do if I had not changed. My rebirth was no accident for it was all out of discontent for the capacities of my previous frustrated self. I’d do a complete overhaul again if it would be necessary to achieving my plans of becoming a lawyer, and eventually, president. Despite that, charisma will remain one of my most potent weapons.

Charisma is one of the best attributes that factor in mastering the art of life itself. It can open many doors to success and happiness, even more so than wealth and good looks.

Tune in soon to find out how to resonate an unbreakable mystique with my next article: HOW TO UNLEASH THE POWERS OF YOUR INNER CHARISMA.

by Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero

Contact me if you’d like to invite me to speak at an event, to facilitate a team building affair, or to provide a training activity for your organization (no booty calls please)